Before labor your doula can offer information and support as you reach the end of your pregnancy. She will answer your questions about labor and birth and your options throughout. She can help you put together a birth plan and prepare for when your labor begins. She will support your decisions and preferences. During labor your doula will be with you the whole time. She will offer encouragement and reassurance for you and your partner. She can suggest a variety of techniques and positions that can help keep you comfortable. She can also help you communicate your wishes to your care providers. Your doula will not make decisions for you or pressure you to make certain decisions. She will help you gather the information you need to make an informed decision.

    After the birth your doula will stay with you until you are settled and comfortable. During this time she will continue to offer emotional and physical support, and can help you get started with breastfeeding. She will keep in touch with you by phone, and will make at least one follow-up visit within a week after the birth. She can also refer you to other community resources if needed.


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   As postpartum doulas, we offer help to the whole family after the birth of a new baby. Our goal is to "mother the mother" and ease the transition of bringing a new life into the family. We provide education and assistance with infant care, breastfeeding, sibling care, light housekeeping, light meal preparation, meal planning, etc. For example, we can care for your new family while you find the time to sneak away for a nice long tub soak (or perhaps a well-deserved nap!), or we can complete a few loads of laundry, start a meal for your family and sweep and mop your floors while you catch up on some bonding time with your new baby! We want to serve you in whatever way you feel would benefit you most! A bonus option is our nesting service which is a whole house cleaning scheduled anytime from 39 weeks until your first week home.


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