MotherBirth provides the knowledge, support and services you need to create an amazing and memorable birth experience. Our team of professionals embraces the normalcy of birth and strives to empower each family to make the decisions that are right for them. We believe that every birth is monumental, and that every mother deserves to be respected and supported during this special time in her life. If you are interested in any MotherBirth services, or want to learn more about what we can do for you, please call to text 337-366-0303 or email us at

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Check out our team page and email, call or text (337) 366-0303 to get contact info for any doula(s) you are interested in talking with to hire.

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Hollis Yarborough

Hollis is a DONA-trained birth doula since 2014. She’s passionate about birth & empowering women to believe in their strength & ability. She believes birth is a mind, body, soul experience, and desires to help her clients connect to all parts of themselves in birthing, postpartum, and beyond. She believes birth should be an empowering experience for every woman in any setting. She dreams of assisting women in birth as a midwife, and sees her doula practice as a step & asset in her career.

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